Pisces Woman and Cancer Man Compatibility

What makes them?

Pisces Woman and Cancer Man both have a very child-like, black-and-white set of principles and will understand this aspect of each other. Cancer wants someone to protect and Pisces is waiting to be protected; these two can keep it very simple and straightforward.

What breaks them?

They both take a step back from real life to retreat to their own comfort zones, which can easily be misinterpreted at the beginning of the romance. Both can become self-absorbed in their own emotions and expect too much of their partner without checking first to see if they’ve given back.

Can it work between Pisces Woman and Cancer Man?

Quite straightforward… Yes.

Here’s a gracious “Prince Charming meets his princess” story that can wear out a few royal dynasties before these two find a routine to sustain their attraction. The obvious charm here is the hard exterior of Cancer’s shell, which Pisces respects very much even if she is often mistaken for a soft touch. She needs to know her partner has some iron in his soul because Pisces is essentially looking for a partner who can throw in a little bark and bite when she trips up over life’s practicalities.

This formula works to bring out the best of them in later life but could make a laughable ruin out of them as adolescent lovers. Cancer needs time and experience to figure out why the bottom-line means to much to him. He doesn’t have a natural grip on his finances and access to all-areas but he comes to master the finest of what life has to offer, in due time.

He is very much the career man come back to avenge the world for his rejections and disappointments in early life. Pisces can understand a little of where he is coming from. Although she always makes a point of keeping up a mannerly, pleasing and equal-opportunity appearance to all newcomers, she has met with disappointment and been taken advantage of in the past.

If they meet each other as teenagers or very early stage adults, there is no realistic future for a Cancer-Pisces couple who will still fall hopelessly in love just the same. Pisces has a reputation for treating her (and other people’s) resources as bottomless, and Cancer loves her as something more brilliant and substantial than anything else he has come across to be rendered helpless in trying to say no. He may not even have nearly enough answers to all her questions and can mistake her periods of venturing off into her own world as growing indifference or rejection of his growing possessiveness.

It is later on in adulthood that these two are likely to rediscover their brand of magical, fairytale romance and find that their values haven’t been compromised by the diktats of real life. Cancer and Pisces have simply adjusted but both fundamentally remain childlike and uncompromising in their dreams. He wants a maiden he can possess (congratulating himself on the way to such a successful conquest) and she still wants a protector. When Cancer and Pisces build a home together, it will have to be with enough space for their worst moods and a warm centre-piece for their loving communication.

Cancer has enough dark and depressing mood swings to match Pisces’ unpredictable moments of solace. Where Pisces differs from Cancer’s former loves is her soothing reaction to his moments of despair. She does not utter negative words to even strangers in the street, so she would never think to haunt Cancer with practical rebukes of “grow up” or pointing out how dramatic he is being. Instead, she indulges her lover and raises his spirit for better days. These moments are the biggest avenue for these two water signs to take on the typical inseparable bond of two streams flowing down the same river-path.

Cancer never loses the growing sense of having found a woman who is trustworthy and nurtures his vulnerabilities out of him. This is never more true than when these two get to making love, as their water signs cover enough ground between sensory pleasure, emotional understanding and imaginative perception to keep the current hard and steady. When they can tear themselves out of their secluded lovenest, Cancer has enough romantic plans and gifts in store to keep the lady Pisces pleased of his enduring courtship.

If it sounds too good to be true this is possibly because there is a significant amount of security and resources needed to underpin a meeting of two childlike souls like Pisces Woman and Cancer Man. It is highly unlikely they can achieve ascendancy to such bliss in early life and, if there is need to end this relationship before it ruins or spoils them out of growth, a real problem arises in Cancer’s inability to let go and Pisces’ inability to come out with a clear “no”.

This isn’t a relationship to be trusted in the hands of the immature and irresponsible. Rather, a more learned Cancer and wizened Pisces can hold hands into the promised land.

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2 years 5 months ago

It’s spooky how so on point this is. I’m a Pisces Woman and my fiancé is a cancer. I find him emotionally exhausting at times and have accused him of being dramatic quite a number of times, but after 3 years I’ve learned to appreciate his sensitive nature and more especially how loving and so sweet he can be. I feel lucky to have found him, he caters to all my silly pisces woman needs and I can only hope to do the same for him :)

2 years 7 months ago

hey I don’t Argee with I am a cancer man and my wife is a pisces woman and we are very much in love and are expecting our first child

2 years 7 months ago

Congratulations Pookdooll! It’s a sensitive, watery coupling as far as sun signs go, and so I imagine you are both able to intuit subtle nuances in one another’s emotional lives in a very unique and rewarding way. No doubt you will also apply this mutual ability to your new baby when he/she arrives. I wish the three of you all the best :)

5 months 17 days ago

I’m a Pisces woman and he’s a Pisces man. He was my 2nd boyfriend and I his first girlfriend. We were friends and lovers. One day it just ended. 18 years later we reconnected and the unexpected happened. His kiss was the first kiss all over again. Every feeling I had then came back as though I was 16 again. I really feel I’m in the fairy tale and I have no fear unlike my relationships in between. I’m confident, happy, and most importantly I feel loved and wanted! Reading this article made things even clearer and explains why we… Read more »

9 months 7 days ago

I used to like this guy 4 years and I always prayed i would find a cancer man after him because he was one and i have found one but he is very difficult to read sometimes we have spectacular conversations and are laughing other times he is being a mean jerk like once he was like i don’t like you i don’t like you at all and was like i hate your face and then when I talked to him about it he denied it and acted like it didn’t even happen… the crazy thing is though that him… Read more »

1 month 5 days ago

I met a Cancer man about a month ago. He is a vendor for my company. We developed a friendship via phone and e-mail over the last year, but never met. Then a couple months ago we decided the next time he came in he would let me know. I am 58 and he is 68 – both divorced. I came down the stairs, he said wow and wrapped me in his arms. We talked about an hour and have been e-mailing on and off since. I had invited him to lunch during the holiday season (I work for a… Read more »