Aquarius Woman and Cancer Man

What makes them?

They both have strong resolve and convictions, albeit in completely different domains, but they apply a patience to mastering themselves that means adequate support can be provided to help reach both Cancer and Aquarius’ life goals together.

What breaks them?

It will take them a fair amount of time to realise the above is true. In the meantime, there is plenty of Cancer possessiveness and over-eagerness to alienate Aquarius. Aquarius may also lack the warmth and feeling necessary to convince Cancer to stick around.

Can it work?

It’s a real long shot. Aquarius Woman and Cancer Man need some big forces of nature to remove their shields and see themselves as two naked souls with a lot to offer.

The Cancer male Aquarius female couple is something of a wartime romance, since it is exactly that kind of outside uncertainty and insecurity that is needed to shake these two into appreciating the heights they can scale together. Prior to meeting one another, Cancer and Aquarius have both spent time chasing the ideals they believe are right for them, indiscriminately and alone when necessary.

Aquarius is polite enough in a room full of friends, but still comes off as the “slightly off” one. Similarly, Cancer has been off the well-worn path his whole life. He knows what he deeply values and will protect it from dissenting opinion or non-believers.

Cancer learns to hone his skill and strength as a male protector but, should he (inexplicably) become romantically interested in an Aquarius woman, he will fail to realise a protector is the last thing she wants from life. She does secretly hope to find a soulmate of sorts but it would have to be one that understands her undying need for independence and freedom. This is simply not a language that Cancer speaks nor is he often made to understand.

A persistent Cancer male is set to met with heavy doses of heartache and hurt feelings in the pursuit of Aquarius female. She is not normally callous because she hasn’t spent time cruising in a low enough gear to pick up the daily insults and vernacular, but Aquarius is capable of serving anyone a piece of her mind when she feels her independence is under threat. Aquarius reads into what makes Cancer tick, like anyone else who sticks around long enough in her circle, and has the power to deliver devastating truths as much as she can provide comfort in her clarity.

If she leans towards the latter and convinces Cancer to join in her in a more relaxed partnership, her intelligence and intellect can help him greatly towards his set of goals. With patience, Cancer can at least learn to respect Aquarius’ ambitions as far-reaching and largely good-intentioned. Any man with a heart as big as Cancer’s must find some sort of connection in Aquarius’ idea of fun spent signing up to the local charity or inventive “cheap dates” in the city town park that can bring everyone together.

In truth, if he meets her halfway here, Aquarius will also have to learn limits to the number of strangers she allows to disturb their quality time. Cancer prefers to keep a small circle and his cautious often proves to be well-judged and not completely irrational (although Aquarius may not initially see it that way). As is common to most of Aquarius’ romantic commitments, she will have to have most of her defences stripped away by life’s defeats and disappointments before she can truly appreciate where a committed lover like Cancer stands in the order of things.

He is that dependable and sometimes open lover who won’t waste time telling a woman he loves her. For Aquarius, she will just have to clear out some of the noise in that considerable mind of hers to hear it on a level where it resonates with trust. Trust is an element that doesn’t come easy to these two. Cancer not only convinces himself he needs a guard against Aquarius’ verbal volleys in their arguments, but also fails to comprehend how his usual bedtime techniques don’t stir major feelings in their moments of reconciliation.

Eventually, Aquarius Woman and Cancer Man can grow to make genuine effort in overcoming their differences. The lovemaking and tender moments between a sufficiently humbled Cancer-Aquarius couple can have the power to become spellbinding. What exactly will humble them is up to nature and random events. We wouldn’t wish the most devastating second act climax upon this wartime hero and heroine, but the stakes might have to be that high for these two to make an honest effort and walk a mile in their partner’s shoes.

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