Virgo Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility

Strong bankers for success in this relationship

They both try and be as honest as possible and confront issues head-on.

Potential pitfalls

This couple tends to take itself too seriously. They find themselves in an early space where emphasis is placed on progression and keeping a clear environment around their love. They might need to lighten up and not be so afraid of what could go wrong… before it does.

Can it work?

Virgo Woman and Scorpio Man is one of the most unpredictable relationships (if not in actions, then general fulfillment) on the zodiac.

Love Romance By The WaterVirgo Woman and Scorpio Man aren’t necessarily looking for to pick each other out in a crowded room, but they can stir up a growing attraction at any small gathering of friends. Virgo doesn’t necessarily share Scorpio’s boisterousness when it comes to stating her opinion, but she will time her two cents to leave a respectful impression on Scorpio.

Here is a woman who only pitches in on things she feels strongly about, often with a view of what is to be done about it rather than merely complaining, and Scorpio had better learn to follow suit if he wants to earn her romantic interest.

Scorpio Man is forthright and as honest as he can be about where he sees his life’s progression, so Virgo Woman will have an early opportunity to hint at how supportive she can be in helping Scorpio to achieve his desires. Of course, Scorpio will have to make an effort to use his wiles and prove the enigmatic Scorpio charm does not just come around for any woman.

Both of them find early understanding on how discriminating they can be in choosing a partner to get serious with… and therein lies the problem. Once they have begun a routine of proving how dedicated both are to achieving their goals, they may find the fun and lightheartedness has been locked out of their love.

Their forthrightness and honest communication could soon prove to be less of a blessing, as neither will hold back on the stale and boring turn their chemistry has taken. They will both insist on the need for improvements yet quietly settle for material and tangible signs that their relationship has direction. It is up to you, dear Scorpio, to inject a little sensory know-how and awaken your Virgo’s hidden reserves of imagination.

She can actually be effusive in her praise and affection to any lover who is trusted enough to show Virgo how to occasionally colour outside of the lines (in private, of course). Scorpio can become intrigued by the different sides to her, since his water sign is naturally attracted to mystery and emotion, which she constantly internalizes her whole life.

Scorpio can overdo his head-strong approach to opening up new rivers of bonding and shock his Virgo woman back into demurring. They will have to find a routine that works to enhance both their strengths at the right times, after which Virgo and Scorpio stick to “what works” rather vehemently and rigidly. It is a sort of paint-by-the-numbers affair because Scorpio is less interested in verbal praise rather than witnessing his trusted love putting her loyalty and support into action.

They both hate surprises and would never wish to see their partner miss a beat or break promises.

As long as Virgo remembers to keep to the background in what adjustments she makes to Scorpio’s routine, he won’t have any problem committing himself to making her happy. A sign as enigmatic as Scorpio is one of the few that can awaken Virgo’s creative capacity so both Virgo Woman and Scorpio Man have a chance to excel in their respective careers.

Circumstances of success can easily drag them apart, however, since long periods without physical contact can open up their eyes to how little humour dwells in their chemistry. Virgo has little qualms in calling an end to a union if she believes she could do better alone and Scorpio has few moral scruples in jumping ship to a better deal.

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3 thoughts on “Virgo Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility

  1. My experience with a Virgo woman has been an emotional roller coaster. I am a Scorpion, and it is really frustrating when the Virgo woman tries so hard to display and search for perfection, when we both know there is no such thing. So, I learnt to accept her flaws, but she continually focussed on the negatives. Granted, her intention is to make things better, but that makes things so structured and routine. That takes some of the excitement out of the relationship. When she can relax though, the relationship is almost magical because her attention is solely on you, and her desire is to please you. A Scorpio and a Virgo can work, but it requires communication and understanding of each other’s characteristics to fully realize their potential.

  2. Thanks Lisa, needed that.

  3. This relation can work if both are mature.

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