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Virgo Woman and Cancer Man Compatibility

Strong bankers for success in this relationship

Virgo Woman and Cancer Man are two hearts of gold can’t fail to disarm any and all fears Cancer and Virgo may hold about the world taking advantage of their good nature. They take turns protecting each other in different ways.

Potential pitfalls

Cancer may sometimes fail to live up to Virgo’s standards and communication can become a problem. Non-verbal communication is not their forte.

Can it work?

Simply put…  Absolutely.

couples romance compatibility

The Virgo Woman and Cancer Man couple are a likely winner for everyone’s vote to match up on a blind date. They’ve met with romantic failures that, time and time again, fail to match their high moral standards and both gradually settle for burying their romantic ambitions behind other priorities… until they find each other.

Whether that be because their mutual friends insist Virgo female has begun to put her career too far ahead of personal happiness or Cancer male’s friends notice he is there to give advice for all his friends but never takes his own, life inevitably contrives to land these two in a room together. And it does not stop being a slow burner from their first encounter onwards, either.

The biggest challenge to a relationship with no glaringly divisive issues is that we are prone to imagine up what could go wrong (but won’t), simply to cope with the prospect of change and fulfillment. This is never more true than when Virgo woman and Cancer male pair up. They are so pleasant, mannerly and controlled that both fear what lurks around the corner whilst they try to suss each other out.

They’re actually being themselves, but this truth might fly over both heads initally. Once they begin to discover their different but equally faithful reasons for being cool customers, the attraction grows further.

Cancer has learnt to internalize his emotions with the same powers of arrangement that Virgo applies to her professional life and living quarters. Everything else in Cancer’s life seems disorderly to Virgo, which is the perfect foot in the door she needs to find purpose in pursuing a relationship. It is really up to Cancer to decide whether he can accept Virgo’s criticisms and corrections as a permanent fixture in his life.

She will pitch in with her opinion early and never cease. He will have to weigh up whether her insensitivity to his feelings is greater than the sense of the genuine fulfillment he finds in putting a smile on her face. Nobody likes “being there” for someone more than Cancer male, but Virgo female is a close second across that finish line. Any man offering a pet project for Virgo to set her organizational skills upon is practically enabling Virgo’s most ecstatic fantasies to come alive.

Regardless of whether she vocalizes her ambitions or not, the fact is she yearns to build a house with the same efficiency and creativity she can bring to her professional career. This does not necessarily mean Virgo will end up a homebody as, when she is in the company of a suitable life partner, her relationships can unlock powers of creativity and intuition she never knew she had. She is a real earner in the workplace but never places any moral value on her professional success above the prospect of building a family.

Similarly, no matter how sooner or later in life it comes, Cancer’s soul vibrates on the same plane of desire. A stable household is music to Cancer’s ears because he can find a small group of people to trust with everything. The value he places on this accounts for his slow, risk-averse approach to courtship in young life. He knows that he must maintain control on the depth of his emotions, but gradually finds real life avenues in which to express them. It would be better if he also learnt to express them in the workplace and find a suitable career to keep him out of Virgo’s cross-hairs for long periods.

She may never truly realize the toll her constant criticism takes on his self-esteem. She wants what is best for him but perhaps lacks the sensitivity to show it. If there is any serious weakness in this otherwise rock-steady couple, they cannot rely on non-verbal communication, body language, gifts or hints to clear the air with one another. They both value a more low-key approach to everything, so it would be healthy to follow suit in their relationship by keeping their disagreements and reconciliations to plain and simple words.

Even their sex life begins to grow on this mutual understanding. It is more of a methodic ritual to show they can make love, rather than a wild past-time. They do have a strong spiritual connection to make for decent lovemaking, but it will always be with the understated goals of family and children in the back of both minds. They both bring outstanding credit to the role of parents and community servants. Both have the powers of forgiveness and the humanity to overcome any differences and keep prospering their loved ones in prosper.

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4 Comments on "Virgo Woman and Cancer Man Compatibility"

May 16, 2015

I have a cancer man in my life (and I’m a virgo) and I feel like his moods are a lot to deal with. I’m very sensitive and when he gets into a bad mood I assume he no longer has feelings for me or his feelings have waned. He also has trouble talking about his feelings unless he has had a few drinks. I need to feel loved and his love is inconsistent. How can I tell when he’s just in his shell temporarily versus when he has written me off or is losing interest?

May 4, 2015

I have a issue. I’m a cancer and I started to fall in love with a virgo few days back. I think she is suspecting that I like her. I nvr had the courage to confess or stuff because I’m scared I may get rejected or she may ignore me. By the way, i’m 14 this year. I know I’m a little too young for these but I hope u could give a little kid advice. At school, we are both very shy. She hopes I would talk to her first but I was thinking she should first. U can see here there’s a sign of shyness between us.On WeChat, it ain’t a big deal, we text each other daily. I know my English may suck but try to understand. I hope I could have a advice sooner or when she really find out, we will have a hard hard time