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Scorpio Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility

Strong bankers for success in this relationship

Strong emotional bond that keeps everything else simple and as a secondary priority. They also have a deep sexual connection that both will interpret as a foundation for unlimited potential.

Potential pitfalls

Both are prone to mind-games or betrayal when they feel insecure and vulnerable, which is exactly what these two will make each other feel when they spend time (even a day) apart. The subservient nature of Pisces could get Scorpio too used to dominating and, when Pisces decides it is time for a break that throws Scorpio into a tailspin, her reaction won’t be pretty.

Can it work between Scorpio Woman and Pisces Man?

Being forced to contemplate life without each other, once these two have met, is not a pretty prospect for Scorpio or Pisces. They both feel like they are walking around with their heart on their sleeves and will have to get some perspective to deal with this as adults or cut their losses before it gets ugly.

There are strong common traits in water signs that would often suggest there is no chance for their love to fail. Scorpio woman is known for her tenacity in getting what she sets her heart to and Pisces never wants to be the bearer of bad news, even if the moment strongly dictates that he should end it. With a Scorpio female-Pisces male, this may often never be the case. They might instead need brief moments of respite to take a deep breath away from the intense feeling they provoke out of each other. But asking for patience from Scorpio and Pisces, without doing something irrational they will later regret, is asking for a temperament neither might have found yet.

There are many obstacles to be ironed out in Scorpio’s all-or-nothing approach to romance. A lifetime commitment to a dedicated Scorpio woman is one that holds never-ending levels of happiness for her partner. Just when you think a woman hasn’t found all ways to pleasure you or reassure you that you are the greatest man in her life, she will find yet another untapped avenue for expression that befits her magnetic and complex nature. Do not believe the legend of Scorpio as a domineering self-absorbed lover who wishes to only take from her partner. If she can overcome getting absorbed in her own emotions, she finds many other ways to express her loyalty and support for a loved one before ever thinking of herself.

Unfortunately, this sort of deal only comes around once with a Scorpio woman who makes her mind up that he is The One. If Pisces is slow to react to her call or hesitates in the face of such a strong commitment, he will earn himself a slighted woman who shifts the goalposts of the relationship without letting him know what he is truly getting into. Scorpio women can feel betrayed if they are made to feel inferior to their own self-image. However, true to water signs that never want to end anything, she will not save them both the headache of entering into a destructive relationship and instead exact her passive aggressive vengeance to make him share the misery and rejection she once momentarily felt. It is only a matter of time before jealousy, insecurity and other dark feelings enter into the cocktail of a Pisces-Scorpio romance.

How they react will be key to their happiness. The whole spectrum of emotion is inevitable with these two, and they should learn not to mistake their gift for a curse. They have been longing for such a pure connection that comes with no-holds-barred and does not let trivial concerns of daily life get in the way. Career ambitions, rocky friendships and other obstacles can wait behind the craft of getting their relationship right, once these two have fallen in love. This is justified in more ways than one. Not only do they find a friend who is willing to go to the trenches with them, or a creative partner to foster professional success but also a deep connection between the sheets that transcends most people’s limited idea of what sex and lovemaking is about.

It is easy to get hooked on this potent mix. Pisces and Scorpio can read each other like a book from day one, often seeing into one another with psychic abilities and intuition that scare them both. They look at each other from across the room full of strangers, and instantly know they have met an equal. It can leave them both feeling raw and exposed to the world, once real life calls them apart from each other for days at a time.

As long as they remember to keep the line of communication open and occasionally descend into the layman’s world of spelling out (in words and everything) how they see things progressing, they can avoid inflicting a world of pain on each other that includes betrayal, adultery or even substance abuse to get over the pain. Scorpio is one case of a woman who can be a dedicated lover when happy with herself, but will turn to darkness and proving her body is hers to do as she sees fit once scorned. Pisces, similarly, has an complex emotional libertarianism that will not sit well in Scorpio’s routine. He is better off submitting to her law so they can both keep each other happy and rewarding one another till death do them part.


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16 Comments on "Scorpio Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility"

April 9, 2015

I am 33yrs old I met my Pisces man after my divorce in ND…never in a million yes did I see this coming…He did 10yrs and 2months in the army…he has littl family and those he has he has no relationship with…when I met him he had relocated out here because he found himself homeless after being discharged from the army…it started with him just acting like he was smitten…now he is not as attractive as that man i was married to..but for some odd reason he felt like a dream…he couldn’t stop calling and texting…once he started working his truck driving job…at first week 1 it was I miss you now its every once in a while..he made it clear that he felt like he wanted me and I’m his…but his actions say different now…when I text it takes forever to respond if he responds and I notice he addresses fb every morning before me and several hours later he will say bae I miss you…it just seems phony now im like wtf?…he is 27 but heck very mature obviously….I don’t get it so I guess I’m over it…I feel like hell I don’t need this crap..I’m not stupid I know that can be game but as a Scorpio I usually pick up on fake fast…so a man puzzle I don’t have time for…after this I believe I tap out in the love depart…talk about adding stink to shit…lol

December 8, 2014

I am a 25yo scorpio woman and my pisces male is 32. He and I hit it off like no other in September. He flew me to AZ (I’m from TN) after just a week of knowing each other- we talked all day everyday- everything was going so well. I could have swore he was it for me. He understood me- my humor, my personality, etc. He made me feel extremely special. One thing that stuck out to me was that he said being with one woman for the rest of his life scared him, but that didn’t stop me- as he told me not to worry about that. I didn’t hold back anything- told him I loved him and that I could see us getting married. About 3 weeks ago, he completely changed it all up. Said we just need to chill on the communication, we are moving too fast, he can’t deal with the distance. (even though I asked him in the beginning would distance be an issue- his answer was no). I admit I may be too forward with my feelings and emotions, but he didn’t seem to mind. Can another pisces male tell me if commitment is something you all fear?

January 14, 2015

No Commitment is not what we fear. Rather the failure of commitment might push us to avoid it again.

December 7, 2014

I am a Pisces man and I think I’m starting to fall under the spell of a Scorpio woman. All those posts about how selfish and manipulative and fake we are is a load of bollocks by the way, because it doesn’t even cross my mind to play games and use people.
Anyways, this Scorpio girl is different to any of my exes, most of them happen to be fire and air signs, and we are like magnets cus we always seem to gravitate towards each other. We are on the same degree at university studying Marketing and we work together so well, conversation is so easy and natural and kinda addictive!
I think she might like me too, because when were talking, its like every1 else can wait while she talks or listens to me talking, last night we spent over an hour on the phone and it felt like 5 minutes, and she is quick to take my side over others. Not a lot of people get her sense of humour, but I get it all round, just dark, sarcastic and sometimes dirty, can always make me laugh etc. I could rave about this all night but let’s not get too carried away. Only time will tell for us tho…

October 13, 2014

I’m a Pisces guy, she, a Scorpio. So, I was on a spiritual retreat for two-and-a-half days once, and she accused me of cheating with my ex-wife. I had to send her a picture of me standing next to the grotto on the retreat! Can you imagine such insecurities this woman has? It’s over…again! Just like Liz Taylor and Richard Burton, Pisces/Scorpio, on again, off again, all the time. The sex is inexplicable but I’ll try: spiritual, epic, other-worldly, we both felt that “time stood still” even just kissing. If I was wearing a hat, it would spin off my head! People that say “sex is overrated” have never experienced lovemaking like this. I will always miss it. She’s gone, again (oh, I said that already). My next-door neighbor, a woman, called and told me her aunt whom she was very close with died and needed someone to talk to I didn’t tell my Scorpio gf about that call for eight hours, and when I did, she went ballistic, thinking that I had “something to hide.” Always accusing me of cheating when I wasn’t. She’s like a little, broken girl in a woman’s body. God, how I love her so and would probably take her back in a heartbeat, the spineless Pisces jellyfish that I am!

July 28, 2014

I’m a scorpio woman. I didn’t really bother reading it all word for word. I just skimped through it. But I sort of kind of wanted to vent.. I’m with a pisces guy. We go way back, we’ve always been really good friends and we had feelings for each other from the get go. I don’t know, we just click. But due to circumstances, we couldn’t be together. But we remained friends, he always had feelings for me and so did I but he never thought I would feel the same? He always felt like I was way out of his league, that there was no way I would ever get with him. But a few later from the time we couldn’t be together, we got together. I’ve matured a lot over the years and have a different mindset, so when we got together.. He was the only one who had really strong feelings.. And it was so hard for me. Because I don’t feel the same, I don’t feel in sync with the way he feels so I always doubt everything he says? Like when he tells me how he feel. Years ago, I use too feel the total same as him so it was so easy for me to just understand exactly how he felt, no words had to be said. But now, it’s like we’re finally together? But why do I feel this way? I know that in his past relationships, he told me he exaggerates his feelings towards them and he didn’t feel as much as he made it out to be at the time. Just.. That alone makes it 200% harder to believe things he say. I’m someone who would ask something and ask again months later and again to see if your answer still matches up. And it sort of a trust test for me and he let me down. It would be different everytime.. And if he was honest he would of said the same thing each time. Just hate when I prove myself right.. I feel to let go. But the thing is, I’ve always been the type to let go and never have feelings return or ever go back to someone. But with him.. It’s like.. I feel like we will always have feelings for each other, so I guess it’s true what they say about scorpio women and pisces men.. Is that they never let go truly no matter what happens. People should just be honest. The smallest lie, can make me question everything they say.