Scorpio Woman and Libra Man Compatibility

What makes them?

The dinner table conversation; the chemistry in the bedroom; friendship.

What breaks them?

The inevitable jealousy from Scorpio; the tough core of each side’s differing characteristics.

Can it work?

Definitely, with conditions. The time Scorpio Woman and Libra Man meet each other at the respective points in each other’s lives, their willingness and maturity to accept each other’s nature and their convictions in knowing what they want out of a relationship. In this case, friendship and emotional intellect will shine over everything.

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Emotion, whether Libra man likes it or not, will be the buzzword of the year when it comes to dating his Scorpio love interest. Whether Libra can be open-minded and unresistant to such an inevitable and obvious chemistry between him and the Scorpion queen depends very much on where he finds himself on his path through life. This particular theme of timing will ring true for many aspects of a Scorpio female and Libra male coupling, dictating their chances of romantic success from the get-go.

Nevertheless, even if they should fail on a romantic level, the odds of these two leaving each other’s life for good are slim to none; owing to the fact that Scorpio and Libra are known to bring an eclectic range of intellect and insight into any conversation, they will be thrilled to have re-discovered this in one another.

And there-in lies the rub and the good news for the more open-minded of this pairing: the emotional connection, although intense in nature thanks to Scorpio’s trademark qualities, will revolve around emotional intelligence and the logical cause-effect nature of linking actions to emotions for both. For Libra, an insatiable student of both himself and others, this new avenue of exploration will come as such a relief that he will find himself intensely attracted to what his Scorpio love interest continues to offer and entice him with.

Scorpio woman is, herself, calculating and deeply thoughtful when it comes to analyzing the true intentions of her male solicitors. She is one of the few astrological counterparts that can provoke Libra into making the first move, and she will read his intentions to see whether she believes them to be true or not. In this respect, timing is equally as critical to the Scorpio female’s willingness to accept Libra man for who he is: a charmer and a man who is eager to please his guests. Scorpio woman can easily position herself to be the sole guest capturing Libra’s eyes… at least for the most part of the day.

Scorpio and Libra’s great friendship and magnetism has the power to attract a wealth of guests to all manner of dinner parties, barbeques and other social events they will host and attend together. Because of this, the maturity of each half’s individual journey will weigh heavily on the overall outcome as to how their relationship matures.

Libra, serial flirt and attracted to novelty as he is, will rile the darkest thoughts and emotions of out Scorpio woman. Libra will have to be open to accepting the heavy emotions coming from underneath the wire of Scorpio’s initial deception and not let her genuinely growing adoration for Libra throw him off.

This could lead to conflict so serious it delivers a premature end, where both parties will have to move on. If both sides are sufficiently far along and contented in their respective careers and personal lives, however, Libra will muster enough resolve within himself to charm and defuse any odds his Scorpio woman may put him up against.

Scorpio, too, will have found enough focus not to second-guess her penchant for strong, long-lasting emotional bonds with others and stay true to her Libran love. At which point, they will both find themselves right back in the bedroom where their connection takes on new, creative and eye-opening levels of chemistry.

It is a chemistry that pervades so strongly, it will be there for everyone else in the room to see. This will remain true whether they are together or find themselves irreversibly apart. Scorpio Woman and Libra Man romances are often the ones making intermittent eye sex with one another in a room full of innocent bystanders.

In either case, Scorpio Woman and Libra Man tend to find themselves naturally attracted to the capacity for friendship and inward discovery between these two signs, and they will leave a lasting mark on one another.

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5 Comments on "Scorpio Woman and Libra Man Compatibility"

1 month 27 days ago

I’m a Scorpio woman, I’ve been pursued by a libran man but it’s so funny because he “tried” to pursue me, but he got all nervous and his words didn’t come out as charming as he wished, I’m sure it was that deep Scorpio look I gave him when he approached me! Lol. It was absolutely adorable when the only thing that came out of his mouth was “excuse me Miss I want you.” I looked at him in shock like I know this man didn’t just come up to me and say this, but for some reason I knew he meant well, I burst out into laughter and said “woah there buddy, don’t you want to know my name first? let’s take it one step at a time!! ” it was all humor and fun we exchanged numbers and started speaking instantly, so much chemistry and similarities, never had anything like it. We are 3 weeks in and the emotions are really intense, we haven’t even had sex yet. We live in different states, Only 2 hours away but part of me is scared to see him and reach that physical chemistry because I know I will fall in love hard with this man, I question if I already am because as a Scorpio I easily get bored but he knows how to keep my interest abd he keeps me wanting more and more everytime we speak, I’m scared this is too good to be true. Any advice on how I should handle the situation when we do meet? Which is soon?

6 months 28 days ago

I need serious help with how to get this Scorpio woman that I really like back. When we first met it was like love at first sight. I am a libra man, and when we first starting talking I told her everything about me and she was secretive at first until she opened up with me. She has a 3 year old son and works full time at the most busiest Airport in Atlanta. We talked just about everyday or every other day. We met late November in 2014, and at the time I was busy working with the university I attend football team. We would always travel out of town, and when she would want to see me I am always out of town, and when I wanted to see her she would be busy. She really liked me and wanted to be in a relationship but at the time I didn’t know enough about her to be in a relationship. But after football season in December and the beginning of the new year in January we only seen each other twice and the other times when I wanted to see her something would always come up where we couldn’t see each other. Being the libra man that I am, I never disrespected her I always was loyal, showed compassion to her, and even respected her. But the thing that I didn’t like about her is her communication. Most of the time when I didn’t answer her calls she would be pissed off, but when I called her she wouldn’t answer. But I never got mad, I just assumed she was busy. But she would always tell me how much she really liked me, so I would show her more attention by calling and texting her. Just so she know how much I really care about her and like her. But we got into arguments more than 3 times over small stuff because she claim that I call and text her to much when I am really just checking on her to see if she alright especially if I haven’t heard from her. Recently she told me to fall all the way back and not to call her. She even said if I call her she would delete my number and block it, but she did say she would call me soon to check on me and told me to be safe. But I could tell in her voice that she did not want to do that to me. I feel like she is playing with my intelligence and emotions. Does this mean that she is done with me completely or is she seeing another guy or does she need space and she is going to come back around and actually call me?? I really need help because I never dealt with a chick like this before, and I really like this chick and don’t want to loose her.

6 months 7 days ago

Has nothing to do with your sign:

It has everything to do with dating – She said leave her alone. Leave her alone, she said she’d call you – she’ll call you. The traits of people are to be taken in account with who they are, how they are raised, how you connect, their belief system & also their sign…That’s what makes people who they are…

She clearly needs time to think, if things got to real too fast. Maybe it was the right time to find the right someone, but not the right time to engage in a commitment with that someone due to different goals…

It sucks, I’m a Libra Man – but, show her respect by letting her be mysterious & unkown…women are more attracted to someone that they know nothing about or what is going on with them…to be loyal & respectful is to be honest with them…

Just apologize to her – tell her, you’ll give her her space & leave it at that….Libras are the only one’s that can make other signs & people jealous & it’s because we are naturally sociable – SO BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU HAVE ANYONE YOU’RE ATTRACTED TO OR ARE WITH – lol….that’s a generalization but, obviously that can change at how you are raised.

Understand that Jesus & God have total control of the stars & universe before you start depicting the signs of the universe…You need to get your goals back in order, stop self-neglecting yourself & be a little self-ish in placing your self first to regain the balance of who you are…

Simply change your focus…instead of focusing on her emotions, focus on your goals, your emotions & become stable, so that you can allow other people in your life as well as her down the road – But, don;t expect her to come back – she has a child, that his her #1 priority, you’ll always be number 3, until you’re close enough to be number 2 with her…If you can’t accept that, then move on & don’t explain any of this to her….

Leave it as – Sorry for not giving you space & time….She wants to be mysterious, let her – if you haven’t made her jealous or stirred conflict, then you have nothing to worry about, that’s all she wants – But, ticking her off in texts/becoming clingy, will move her to see different people…

That’s how dating goes

You have different goals at different times – met at a time to find something right, but not to commit to yet until there is stability…

So, move on & get re-stabled.