Sagittarius Woman and Cancer Man Compatibility

What makes them?

They’re both children at heart and can laugh at anything. They also make great lovers.

What breaks them?

There are a mountain of differences here… in approach, outlook, skills, desires… and they’ll all need to be bridged by hard-nosed, bottom-line benefits for both. Especially Sagittarius will want comfort for all she has to compromise on.

Can it work?

Against all odds, it can. The thing they have in their advantage is the ability to laugh off anything, including their mistakes and differences. They will fall out over a ton of things and always pull in different directions, but there is no real malice behind the slow-burning Cancer-Sag romance.

It almost provides a source of never-ending entertainment for their family and friends once Sagittarius Woman and Cancer Man discover they will never be on the same page on many things, but these lovers have enough of a bridge between their worlds for the attraction to be sustained by purpose.

One key plus factor is Sagittarius woman’s natural gravitation (despite whatever she may claim) towards security and a man who can guarantee a future. Cancer is that mcouples romance compatibilityan.

It may take him a while to get everything together at the standard he requires, but Cancer will always come out as the dependable, solid “family man” bet by sundown. Sagittarius has spent much of her adolescence and youth hovering from party to party, not even necessarily dabbling in the darker arts of such a lifestyle (considering she has an extremely upbeat perspective on life) but knowing she does not want to miss out on life’s possibilities.

Truthfully, her heart is not nearly as cynical as her execution. She’ll meet plenty of flattering and affable lovers but find none of them hold the same gravitas as the stare of a Cancer male who means business.

This is the first man she’s encountered who means and delivers on what he says, or forever holds his peace. Their preliminary flirting sessions can intrigue Sagittarius because Cancer seems to show a side of himself to her that he would hide from the rest of the world. What women doesn’t love that? She encounters him at the usual parties but he is always the one to leave slightly early.

Time shows Sagittarius that her Cancer love interest proves a wholesome man with enough fear of rejection to match her vulnerable hope for happiness. If he can quietly lure her in with the prospect of benefits and security away from a lifestyle that gradually takes toll on her lonesome routine, she convinces herself Cancer is worth her time and commitment in trying to put a smile on his face.

As soon as they begin to spend most of their time together, it is a careful negotiation of terms and figuring out just how far one side will cave before making a stand. For instance, Cancer’s possessiveness rises to the surface and he’ll soon demand changes to the landscape of Sagittarius’ social life.

How many friends Sagittarius will put on the back burner for the Cancer goods to keep flowing into their joint coffers is a variable that changes over time and necessity. She won’t object to the gradual transition from beer keg to wedding anniversaries, just as long as she can get the same amount of social kudos from her circle of friends for her progression.

Sagittarius also has very little tolerance or desire to an exclusive audience-of-one to Cancer’s more dramatic and dark moods, but Cancer could be convinced to take his frustrations out on a well-timed holiday vacation, in exchange for the prospect of one-on-one time with his Sag lover (he should be so privileged!)

Eventually, they’ll both laugh at themselves. Their friends and family possibly warned them of their differences and Cancer-Sagittarius know they’ll never completely overcome them. But this two have hearts of gold and won’t be tempted to use skullduggery to transform the other’s way of thinking. The simple decision is whether they have a good enough thing not to go searching for a better deal somewhere else.

The secret factor swinging the balance in their favour is the potential for discovery and sensuality in lovemaking. Sagittarius is a known (although she wouldn’t have it known too publicly) adventurous and experimental lover. Cancer is equally as attentive and doesn’t particularly need to try hard in turning on his partners… he just has the magic hands like that. You can’t find a substitute for natural talent. Sagittarius will revel in the feelings Cancer provokes out of every inch of her being, and use her daring to heighten their pleasure.

If these two had the ability to touch a single malicious nerve in each other, across their sea of differences, we’d warn to stay well away. However, sometimes fate intervenes to bring the best out of opposites and that is no more evident than when Cancer male and Sagittarius female get together for a lasting union.

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23 Comments on "Sagittarius Woman and Cancer Man Compatibility"

4 months 6 days ago

I am dating a cancer man, we are perfectly happy together we have some moments of disagreement bur it turns for the best after a couple of hours or less. it’s fun being with him. we understand we are different, and that is ok with us. once he opens up to me or I open up to him we are perfect. I thrive to make him happy, he dose the same. he is the first cancer I have dated, and honestly out of all the guys I have dated he is the best guy I have been with. so anyone who has met a cancer man before, and it has not worked out is either not meant to be or you just have not try to understand each other. we have been together for 3 years now, and hopefully more to come

14 days 7 hours ago

I have to agree with you! This is my first relationship with a cancer but the best one yet lol..we are different, he’s quite I’m loud..He’s not the social bug I am but we understand our differences. I believe that he’s best for me. We pull out emotions & desires that other doesn’t have…I guess we’re like a balanced Breakfast!!!!

4 months 29 days ago

Im a sagittarius woman and i have know a few cancer men. Trust me they are a waste to time. They are never themselves and you might die figuring out what they actually are, their true self. But in case you feel he is the one and you have good understanding it might work.

5 months 4 days ago

Im a sag and I’ve been knowing a cancer guy going on 10 years now. Started off as friends and grew really really close over the years. There’s nearly nothing that can stop us from communicating or getting back in touch with each other. We’ve shared so much of our problems from every situation literally, it’s almost like we’re best friends yet lovers. We laugh all the time about silly things as if we’re kids ….we have our disagreements and I have to admit I’m so blunt it’s pityful being that I know or should say starting to notice with him because it makes me feel bad so much that I love him more and he’ll never understanding. Never realizing this until reading this post, a Sag woman and Cancer guy is an undeniable love. I never felt this way from any guy, not even my said to be future husband from that one past relationship were you thinking you’ve got it all planned out and he’s the one. NOT… I’ll take my cancer cause he knows me best! Great romancer, a little soft but yet a man ( he lets that be known if needed seriously) loves his mom and ik your probably saying what guy doesn’t. NO he’s a real gentlemen from his mom down to his sister very protective and charming. Idk we’re this could lead but I’m all for it, having said I’ll never love as hard I’m cool with being free doing my own thing….LIES!! Even if we don’t work I’m still all for it BUT we’re just starting back to spend quality time and growing closer so seeing his real aggresive side, might give me a run but the money I think….the more I don’t care. Guess that’s a sag for ya. He’s has my heart and doesn’t know it but the feelings are so mutual it’s weird! We have this understanding thing…laughter is what holds us and makes this thing irresistible and can’t get enough. Even while being mad, we’ll act as if it never happened. Crazy comparison…

6 months 21 hours ago

I Dk why it got cut off but here’s the rest!! ….. He asked me if I trust him? And started to ask about my past, and what kind of guys I’m into, he also said he wants a girl he can grow with, I’m so confused!! I don’t know what to do with him, I Dk if it’s because of the age difference (he’s 20, I’m 25) or his contradicting cancer self…. Help?

6 months 21 hours ago

I just recently started to getting to know a cancer and a lot of what I’ve read makes so much sense! When we first met I was in a relationship, I was magnetically drawn to this guy so badly, he knew I was in a relationship but we still kept in communication with each other he didn’t know at that time I had already broken up with my boyfriend but when he found out, we went from talking almost every day to nothing but I found a way to wheel him in lol ehh, we finally hung out and he made a move on me, then he mentioned rather quickly that he wasn’t looking for anything later on he asked me if I trust him