Pisces Woman and Capricorn Man Compatibility

Strong bankers for success in this relationship

Capricorn has been holding himself back for the right moment to ride in to someone’s rescue, and Pisces is more than willing to be saved.

Potential pitfalls

There aren’t really any of their own making but, find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time, they may take a step back to realise they cannot stand on their own two feet outside of the relationship as individuals. Something which can bring deep and ruinous resentment to a dreamy affair.

Can it work between Pisces Woman and Capricorn Man?

This is the very essence that dreams are made of. Go for it.


Capricorn man finds himself stepping into completely foreign territory when he stumbles upon the woman he had never planned for: his fairytale Pisces princess. Unlike some other signs, Pisces will have no qualms playing the part of damsel in distress. She has given more than enough opportunities for suitors to nourish her imagination and spirit before and they’ve all come up wanting. Not so, with the morally grounded and earthly Capricpisces romance relationshiporn man.

Unmistakeably, their respective methods and routines (or the Piscean female’s lack of them) with which to tackle the world are alien to one another. However, where Capricorn has been made to feel like an uptight stick in the mud by other women who do not share his relentless drive towards a certain ideal, Pisces female has never made anyone feel inferior if they sing to a different song than the one she hums so delightfully. And, after all, ideals are really what Pisces are all about.

What Pisces woman continues to dream up, Capricorn male has the power to make reality. He will find himself dropping his plans and readily accepting that Pisces is something beyond the boundaries of his own fearfully limited imagination. This is a woman cut from a cloth he has been secretly hoping for but never quite gave himself the license to say out aloud. So Capricorn male’s friends and colleagues might be surprised to find he has disappeared from work for a while, as he sets about discovering more of what his dreamy Pisces woman has to offer and willingly loses himself in her ether from time to time.That can, however, spell problems for two people who have so much to offer to the world together and apart.

Capricorn sets about conquering Pisces woman’s routine with the same zeal and application that first got him access to that high horse, when he was permitted to march in as her white knight. And Pisces will never want to say no to his conquest.

[AdsWithin]She is thrilled to find someone who can provide answers and a fairly stable path to her wayward, if infinite, capacity for creating great and wholesome things. It may not be long before neither side recognizes their face in the mirror when they are apart from each other but, owing to the Piscean nature for wanting to spend frequent amounts of time alone to herself, those uncomfortable moments are destined to come.

How this couple deals with the up and down nature of this routine is critical to their happiness in the long run. Before Capricorn man met his princess, he was a more than capable man of society in his own right. Before Pisces woman became inseparable from the legacy of their relationship’s success, she was just as affable and easy to adore all the same. If they should begin to resent each other for having made a mark on each other’s soul, it could spell trouble and ugliness for everyone around them.

It would be better if these two found a moment to incorporate a secret code and a knowing wink to when they will have to spend time apart, without this being a threat to their security. Whether this be a commonly owned summer house, a family ornament or something as broad as faith and religion… certainly it will not be too hard for earth-dwelling Capricorn and spiritual Piscean to find something that settles them both in uncertain times.

If they fulfill this minor obligation, they will find endless growth in the ground they have to make up over each other’s differences. Capricorn man gives a certain gravitas to Pisces woman’s capacity in making a difference to the lives of other’s. In return, Pisces is able to loft Capricorn’s own legacy beyond mere politics, into a more lifelong enduring legacy.


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