Pisces Woman and Aries Man

What makes them?

This union is inclined to dial up the Pisces female’s natural vulnerability to maximal ‘damsel in distress’ capacity, with the Aries male more than willing to step into the role of Knight in Shining Armor that he was likewise made for.

What breaks them?

Rather than the Pisces female tempering the periodic hotheadedness of the Aries male, while he in turn could encourage her to assert herself more effectively, there is the risk of both partners shape-shifting into veritable caricatures of themselves, with the Pisces female driven into total submission to what may become a very controlling Aries ‘boss’, the development of which she has unwittingly fostered.

Can it work between Pisces Woman and Aries Man?

This passionate pairing can certainly work, though both will need to be vigilant not to fall too zealously into their natural roles. The Aries male is your textbook alpha while the Pisces woman epitomizes femininity – this sexual dualism brings them together in the most natural of ways and so can offer the possibility of balance through inter-mutual learning; conversely, it may lead to such an excessive degree of asymmetry in their dynamic that separation becomes inevitable.

As first sign of the zodiac, the outgoing and enthusiastic Aries man has a zest for life matched by no other, his vigorous approach quite unlike that of the Pisces female, who as the twelfth and final sign adopts a more introspective and relaxed stance toward existence. The pair will most likely come together under conditions that estabLove Romance By The Waterlish a continuing pattern in their relationship dynamic, with the Aries male taking the lead and the Pisces female following. In fairness, the Pisces woman’s tender and gentle feminine allure was likely consciously turned up a notch so as to draw the Aries man to her in the first place, and he is indeed naturally prone to finding her vulnerability intoxicatingly appealing. With characteristic machismo, he will aspire to shield this fragile creature from the world and fight her battles for her, a promise of chivalry that even the most independent Pisces female will find near-impossible to resist. Quite honestly, she will delight in feeling protected as if some delicate princess, and her consequent gratitude and devotion will augment the Aries male’s natural sense of manly heroism.

They will however need to take care to see that their distinctly sex-segregated roles are not diminished to disagreeable versions of the male/female stereotypes, which could eventuate in the Aries male indulging his warrior spirit too much – possibly not merely with wars waged for the more passive Pisces, but against her.

Guarding against this is not his sole responsibility either, for the Pisces female can be prone to voicelessly tolerating too much, potentially becoming something of an acquiescent doormat to the Aries man’s demands, passions and tempers, which paradoxically serves to inflame them all the more. Both must therefore learn to give and take fairly, which is indeed possible to accomplish even within a traditional gender dichotomy.

Aries is an action-oriented, practical sign, and defending the sensitive Pisces woman can provide him with a sense of usefulness, especially if he can teach her some self-defense tactics in the process. Ideally, she will concurrently coax out the Aries man’s softer side during their private moments, when she can show him the strength intrinsic to exposing one’s vulnerability. He may then reveal the wounds of his spirit to receive healing through her love and compassion, in turn providing her with a sense of purpose. Hence the greatest gift that these two can give one another lies in meeting their spouse halfway, whereby some of the Aries man’s self-assertive fire will rub off on the Pisces female, while her calm and understanding approach may in turn give him pause for thought in situations which merit greater reflection.

The Aries man and Pisces female do also share some common ground. While their approach to action varies greatly, both are fierce defenders of the underdog, with Aries prepared to fight courageously for the disenfranchised while Pisces will take such souls under her wing and nurture them to the best of her ability. And though the two may have modes of communication which differ dramatically, both the Aries man and Pisces woman are deeply feeling, emotionally expressive individuals with a strong sense of the romantic, producing a sexual bond that is likely to be exceptionally steamy and passionate, heightened all the more by the complex emotional responses they elicit in each other.

This partnership can work both in spite of and due to the pair’s inherent differences (which can prove complementary), in addition to the similarities shared.  In truth, it might even be said that the romantic union of Aries male and Pisces female is such a perfectly archetypical example of yin/yang, masculine/feminine energies, that they are destined to make better lovers than friends.

12 thoughts on “Pisces Woman and Aries Man

  1. Oh, I agree with this 100% I’ve been friends with Aries and their incredible friends. Although they end up liking you! He liked my girly like manner I guess?
    all I now is that your never bored around these people. their fun to be around with, they love adventure, and their so filled with life!
    but they can be sooo boastful sometimes :)

  2. Aries are hearty, fiery, independent, passion, passion, passion.
    Their biggest downfall is they are self-centred. Due to this, they tend to have HUGE regrets about their love-lives. In that they don’t tend to prioritise ANYONE before their own personal needs. This leads to them succeeding in career or status. But remaining woefully backwards in their emotional and spiritual development. I had relationships with 2 Aries men. The benefit of hindsight made them realise the significance of their past girlfriends. Me being one of them. But it was too late. Now both men are free single and dating young girls. And feeling very sad and lonely. How do I know? They phone me at 2:00 in the morning to tell me. Very sad.

  3. I;m currently dating and living with an Aries man who is 13 years younger than me. We have been together for 6 months now and unfortunately the cracks are beginning to show. I am finding myself doing everything for him, and although he shows me much love and appreciation, I am starting to resent what I have probably brought on myself. I find him a bit self centered and dare I say immature (I know he is a lot younger) but neither of us are youngsters any longer. I love the fact that he can be the belly of the ball on social occasions, even love the fact that he is a bit needy of attention, but I do like to be romanced more when he just wants to get it on. I also find him over sensitive to constructive criticism, yet he can dish it out. I do love him dearly but I may have bitten off more than I can chew.

    • Yass!!!! I am very affectionate and love the reciprication but my Aries man is not affectionate AT ALL. He tries to appease me by being touchy feely sometimes but it lacks the genuine touch so it means nothing.

  4. Wow!! You took the words right out of my mouth!! Lol Infact I’m 13 Years older too, he definitely controls the pace of our relationship. …although I’m always second guessing and analysing his actions and words!! Most confusing man I’ve ever been with! But hard to let go of!! His humor and social energy intrigues me as does his passion!! As a Pisces woman not sure Aries man is best for me……time will tell;)

    • It amazes me how similar our stories are. I am a Pisces female and my Aries man is 15 years my senior. He confuses the heck out of me as to where this relatiinship is going and if he really digs me or not. Then there are times when he gets vlnerable and tell me how much he cares for me…HIS woman. I have tried to leave him alone a few times but I end up missing him so much and give in to his requests to be patient with him. I know he loves me but his standoffish ways erk my nerves and I can’t stand the guessing. They truth is though…I can’t get enough of him. His humor, boldness, and authoritive stance holds me hostage…lol.

  5. I agree and can relate to all the comments. Unfortunately, I am married to an Aries man. He is selfish, self centered, arogant , sarcastic and only cares about himself. I’m to the point that I want to divorce him. In the beginning of our relationship before marriage, he was loving, caring and romantic. Now! he’s none of these things.

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