Pisces Woman and Aries Man

What makes them?

This union is inclined to dial up the Pisces female’s natural vulnerability to maximal ‘damsel in distress’ capacity, with the Aries male more than willing to step into the role of Knight in Shining Armor that he was likewise made for.

What breaks them?

Rather than the Pisces female tempering the periodic hotheadedness of the Aries male, while he in turn could encourage her to assert herself more effectively, there is the risk of both partners shape-shifting into veritable caricatures of themselves, with the Pisces female driven into total submission to what may become a very controlling Aries ‘boss’, the development of which she has unwittingly fostered.

Can it work between Pisces Woman and Aries Man?

This passionate pairing can certainly work, though both will need to be vigilant not to fall too zealously into their natural roles. The Aries male is your textbook alpha while the Pisces woman epitomizes femininity – this sexual dualism brings them together in the most natural of ways and so can offer the possibility of balance through inter-mutual learning; conversely, it may lead to such an excessive degree of asymmetry in their dynamic that separation becomes inevitable.

As first sign of the zodiac, the outgoing and enthusiastic Aries man has a zest for life matched by no other, his vigorous approach quite unlike that of the Pisces female, who as the twelfth and final sign adopts a more introspective and relaxed stance toward existence. The pair will most likely come together under conditions that estabLove Romance By The Waterlish a continuing pattern in their relationship dynamic, with the Aries male taking the lead and the Pisces female following. In fairness, the Pisces woman’s tender and gentle feminine allure was likely consciously turned up a notch so as to draw the Aries man to her in the first place, and he is indeed naturally prone to finding her vulnerability intoxicatingly appealing. With characteristic machismo, he will aspire to shield this fragile creature from the world and fight her battles for her, a promise of chivalry that even the most independent Pisces female will find near-impossible to resist. Quite honestly, she will delight in feeling protected as if some delicate princess, and her consequent gratitude and devotion will augment the Aries male’s natural sense of manly heroism.

They will however need to take care to see that their distinctly sex-segregated roles are not diminished to disagreeable versions of the male/female stereotypes, which could eventuate in the Aries male indulging his warrior spirit too much – possibly not merely with wars waged for the more passive Pisces, but against her.

Guarding against this is not his sole responsibility either, for the Pisces female can be prone to voicelessly tolerating too much, potentially becoming something of an acquiescent doormat to the Aries man’s demands, passions and tempers, which paradoxically serves to inflame them all the more. Both must therefore learn to give and take fairly, which is indeed possible to accomplish even within a traditional gender dichotomy.

Aries is an action-oriented, practical sign, and defending the sensitive Pisces woman can provide him with a sense of usefulness, especially if he can teach her some self-defense tactics in the process. Ideally, she will concurrently coax out the Aries man’s softer side during their private moments, when she can show him the strength intrinsic to exposing one’s vulnerability. He may then reveal the wounds of his spirit to receive healing through her love and compassion, in turn providing her with a sense of purpose. Hence the greatest gift that these two can give one another lies in meeting their spouse halfway, whereby some of the Aries man’s self-assertive fire will rub off on the Pisces female, while her calm and understanding approach may in turn give him pause for thought in situations which merit greater reflection.

The Aries man and Pisces female do also share some common ground. While their approach to action varies greatly, both are fierce defenders of the underdog, with Aries prepared to fight courageously for the disenfranchised while Pisces will take such souls under her wing and nurture them to the best of her ability. And though the two may have modes of communication which differ dramatically, both the Aries man and Pisces woman are deeply feeling, emotionally expressive individuals with a strong sense of the romantic, producing a sexual bond that is likely to be exceptionally steamy and passionate, heightened all the more by the complex emotional responses they elicit in each other.

This partnership can work both in spite of and due to the pair’s inherent differences (which can prove complementary), in addition to the similarities shared.  In truth, it might even be said that the romantic union of Aries male and Pisces female is such a perfectly archetypical example of yin/yang, masculine/feminine energies, that they are destined to make better lovers than friends.

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16 Comments on "Pisces Woman and Aries Man"

1 month 2 days ago


I’m a Pisces woman dealing with an Aries man, at first the attraction was like no other I have ever felt before. I’m still attracted to him he turns me on in ways I could never imagine. I’m very submissive to him in every way. I know that’s a turn on for him, he’s the ultimate machio man, and I have no problem serving him as his woman. However there is no reciprocation from his part or even any appreciation for what I do. He can be very self centered and arrogant at times. He doesn’t see what he does as a problem. His words can cut deep like a knife. I try to hold on to him. I can’t see myself without him, its just hard to keep dealing with such an Asshole. I love my Aries man, but this fish needs to swim away to another pond.

3 months 16 days ago

I am a Piscean too. While I love my Aries man to bits and pieces, I fear he isn’t a full box of chocolates.

On a ‘good’ day, he is relaxed, humorous, charismatic, immpeccably charming, romantic, an absolute pleasure to have around.

On a ‘bad’ day, he is verbally aggressive, ego-centric, stupidly stubborn, has a superiority complex, vindictive…majority of the time I end up apologising for crap – that’s (1) not even necessary and (2) not my fault -simply to keep the peace.

I have tried breaking up with him but he has followed me and caused fights with me in the middle of the street, in front of my son’s school, at work, even at staff functions. Then when we make up, it’s as though nothing ever happened.

I am at my wits end. If I miraculously survive this turbulance, it will be because I faked my own death.

4 months 25 days ago

I am grateful to have read all these comments. I am a Pisces women, in a relationship with an Aries Man that is slowly ending. He is a magnetic person and I completely adore him. He has the capability to be a fantastic Man, Husband and Lover, but always sagatoges a beautiful moment with his negative thoughts and insecurities. I am a very outgoing, free spirit and don’t believe in being chained at the hip to anyone (I am a a water sign at the end of the day). That being said, I don’t mean having the freedom to be flirtation or seek attention from other men, but to be able to enjoy each other without feeling guilty or wrong for talking to the opposite sex about a normal social conversation. Our current situation is what most call the beginning of the end. I love him more than I can say, But he is ridiculously self centered and says horrible things to me when he is upset. I believe he does this because he knows how I feel for him. He keeps me in tears most of the time, Though he claims to love me and says “I am like no other he has ever met”. He never see’s where he is wrong and his mind tells him I am doing things that are just not so. No matter how many times I try to make him see Facts, I doubt there is anything that will get him to appreciate a pisces women (ME) and how devoted we are or want to be. The sad part is, if anyone knows a pisces women, then there will be no surprise as to why we swim away and why we swim far fast. I have not looked back on the loves I have had, for I feel they end for a reason and have ran the course they were meant for. As much as I would love for this to work out, I do believe that he is so involved with himself and how HE is feeling, that this will be one of those “Love Lost” things!! Good Luck to those who make it!

3 months 23 days ago

Gurl…are we dating the same man!! Lol….I’m a pisces dating am Aries man too..that is how our relationship was.

1 month 2 days ago

I can relate to you in so many ways. I love my Aries man, I wish he wouldn’t be so arrogant and selfish. I know he means well at times. His temper is what does it every time. He snaps and says things that hurt deeply. I love this man, and I don’t want to let him go, however I need for him to put in more effort and show me some reciprocation its only fair. I feel like I’m fighting a loosing battle.

Prakash an Arian
7 months 11 days ago

Hello Pisces women

I am an aries . My personality tends to be my fire , charming ,women find me a hot guy, aggressive and best in bed, and self-centred .. I met a Pisces girl at 20 and she was 23 I’m 2010.. She was sweet cute calm girl ,, I impressed her and she fell in love with me and suddenly we had confrontation caused by me over no reason ,, she always found me handsome n hot but I never cared her n she kept worrying about me .. She cried as I left her as I was stupid and couldn’t realise that she loves me .. She kept looking at me before we fall apart .. She tried to get my attention but I was hurt n never paid attention at her .. She noticed me walking away from the relationship . She told me if you start missing me I won’t come back as like warning me but I didn’t realise .She was single

And when I started missing her I planned to meet her … But evaluate of my moms pressure on me to get engaged to a new girl I found .. I dropped the plan .. After 3 yrs in 2013 I left my fiancé as she was only interested in my money but not in me actually .. I call her a golddigger .. Yesterday I went at her work place and played a Hero type role at there and she was shocked looking at my shocking handsomely stature amd my killer eyes .. She was about to cried before we talking n kept looked at each other eyes …. She was emotional n both emotional … I regret and sorry to her from the bottom of my heart .. Forgive me …

So Pisces women ,, here’s a question for you all .. What would be the situation of her mind or how would she feel in this situation ?

Cynthia Salinas
1 month 2 days ago

As a Pisces woman dealing with an Aries man, I can tell you she may still love you. I’m sure her reaction was her heart dropping the moment she saw you. We love hard, and are very devoted to out Aries men. Its just hard to deal with an Aries, your harsh words and actions can be very difficult to deal with.

3 months 23 days ago

She may give you another chance but you have to be consistent with your affection and attention.

7 months 18 days ago

I agree and can relate to all the comments. Unfortunately, I am married to an Aries man. He is selfish, self centered, arogant , sarcastic and only cares about himself. I’m to the point that I want to divorce him. In the beginning of our relationship before marriage, he was loving, caring and romantic. Now! he’s none of these things.