Capricorn Woman and Taurus Man Compatibility

Strong bankers for success in this relationship

Both find comfort in formal (although not showman-like) courtship and go about things in a correct, old-fashioned way till death do them part.

Potential pitfalls

Taurus is still Taurus and Capricorn will be a Cap. Taurus’ desire to be “taken care of” can rile the coldness and sterility in a woman who, despite herself, has started to make him dream with passion.

Can it work between Capricorn Woman and Taurus Man?

As sure a bet as they come. This is an extremely rare case of two people who shed many skins because of each other, and happily stay hand-in-hand till old age. Because of big internal changes, don’t expect to see them wander far from home.

Before the era of modern women, this was the couple making children sit by the main room fire and listen to their grandparents stories of romance. Even if it wasn’t their real life story, they would have borrowed details from the Capricorn Woman-Taurus Man pairing to emphasize what a steady, middle-of-the-road partnership is all about. What might lack zeal or adventure to other individuals is exactly the same thing that puts a smile on the face of Taurus and Capricorn. They like the know the details of a commitment before deciding to put their name to it.
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That is exactly what these two will do, if they should decide to take the next step with each other. Typically, there is no drawn out roller-coaster ride in the wooing process between Taurus male and his Capricorn desire. He knows not to waste her time, because he does not want his own interests taken lightly. They are the friendly couple that will asks for their parents’ advice and meet the potential in-laws before moving in together. In many ways, their reputation for being boring is unfair. This couple is willing to take a plunge into a lifelong commitment where others are still feeling their way step-by-step.

This is because they already had all the romantic details figured out before they met each other. They will simply looking for the other person to walk into their life and fill the missing picture.

romantic couple love at dinnerWhen they finally start their settled romantic life, that is where the predictability ends. Capricorn and Taurus are two star signs that bring a whole leagues of changes to one another’s character. Unlike other pairings who hold the potential for the same type of metamorphosis, these two will never resent each other or find discomfort in the transforming effect they’ve brought to both lives.

Taurus will find himself becoming more of a creative and imaginative individual in the presence of his Capricorn woman’s self control. This is actually the same type of evolution that holds true to Taurus women who get involved with Capricorn men. Nevertheless, the quirky factor here is the slight gender bender situation that commonly arises in Capricorn female’s romantic engagements. Taurus’ natural instinct to unearth his deeply hidden creative instincts come about as he resolves to reveal what is beneath the layers of his Capricorn woman.

He is delighted to find someone who has not compromised herself unduly and maintained a certain level of detachment from the world to protect her reserves of love and commitment. It is a kind of reserve that Taurus may have learnt himself, from getting burnt in previous relationships. Now that he finds his own careful composed so well practiced and refined in his woman, he becomes the lover who implores his woman to share and unwind. Capricorn will duly indulge because she has found clarity in a relationship where the lifelong potential is clearly stated and made explicit without hesitation.

It is tempting to think a woman would get cold feet from the lack of surprises, vulnerability or uncertainty that Taurean man make a point of avoiding in any romantic commitment but this couldn’t be further from the truth for Capricorn woman. Her sense of relief and the calm she can feel instilling itself into every part of her body makes her appreciate the company of her Taurus mate. People will be left in no doubt as to her commitment to him, even if the occasional differences do arise in the household from the emotional territory they have to conquer.

Passion and electricity do not, at first, come naturally for either of these star signs. The gift they hold for each other is their ability to provoke it out of one another. It is done naturally, calmly and always with an open mind to circumnavigate any problems that may pop up on their front door. Taurus-Capricorn couples rarely ever split up and leave their nest on an even less frequent basis. They are already captivated and committed to the long-winding internal journey that they must travel within their own household.

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